Thursday, 9 April 2015

Exchange Paypal to Bitcoin - A Fast Alternative Way

Exchange Paypal to Bitcoin

A Fast Alternative Way to Exchange your Paypal balance to Bitcoin currency

On this topic I will show you an alternative way to exchange your paypal to bitcoin:

1. First, go to and verify your Paypal_ID in Limits & Verification page. You have to send them an email at to verify your Paypal_ID because at the moment, non-verified purchases are disabled.

2. Have a Dogecoin and a Bitcoin wallet here at  if you don't have any address yet. (For Philippine users, use instead as your bitcoin wallet to avoid fees in bitcoin transactions and they have great deals and offers).

3. Have at least $3 on your paypal balance to exchange it in and send it to your dogecoin address.

4. Then exchange your dogecoin to bitcoin in websites with cryptocurrency exchange like, or Check their minimum and maximum deposits/withdrawals to avoid problems.

It's easy, buy dogecoin with your paypal and exchange your dogecoin for bitcoin, that's it.

For any further questions about bitcoin and other cryptocurrency you can contact me at