Wednesday, 3 June 2015


Bitcoin ATMs Reach 400 Units Worldwide, 2-Way Machines on the Rise

The number of Bitcoin ATMs across the globe has hit 400. Meanwhile, operators are reportedly making US$1-3K monthly of their Lamassu units, 2-way machines are on the rise, and other interesting metrics from CoinATMradar. ReadMore...

Apple Approves New ‘Game of Birds’ App with Bitcoin Tipping

Bitcoin is increasing its presence in the App Store, with Apple approving a second Bitcoin tipping-enabled app by the same developer.

The app, Game of Birds, incorporates a Bitcoin tipping function for players to receive in-game rewards. The tool, which revolves around players collecting coins while playing the game, has been set up initially in partnership with Coinbase but will in future be available to any wallet address. ReadMore...