Friday, 26 June 2015

Passive Ways to Earn Bitcoins

How to earn Bitcoin passively? 

If you are already tired of doing rotation in faucets this list might work for you. Just need a little of your time and investment.

There are few methods that we can earn bitcoin passively without to much work:

1. By Lending Bitcoin. This is one of the best method you can earn bitcoin by lending your spare bitcoins to others who needed them in their projects. You can gain 2% up to 50% depending on the type of loan they posted. There are few sites like BitLendingClub and BTCJam doing this. These are the best online investing site through Bitcoin. You can also borrow or make a loan on this sites you just have to verify your account first for security reasons and gain trust.

2. By Online Trading. I know you heard and see this very often about forex trading in the internet. This one is not just trading in forex like eur to usd or aud to usd or usd to jpy like the others sites and this is not a binary option (binary option is more of gambling not a real trading). Here you can buy also indices, stocks, and commodities not just forex and especially you can buy them by bitcoins. There are stocks like Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, and Google here. Commodities like Oil, and Gold are also available. The site I was mentioning was 1Broker  and they doing trading since 2012.

3. By Cloud Mining Services. This is the least will i do investment in these days. Nowadays cloud mining services are not so profitable because of the high difficulty of bitcoin mining today and you see always on the news that some of this websites are been hacked or was a scam service after all. So be careful when you engage on this sites but there are some I still trusted like You can also trade other cryptocurrencies here like dogecoin and litecoin that makes it more profitable. I also suggest this site Stakeminers.comalternatively they mine other cryptocurrency which in POS (Proof of Stake) like Hyperstakecoin instead of POW (Proof of Work) like bitcoin and litecoin.

Note: Please do avoid to invest in websites that like doubling your bitcoins or a HYIP program. You can gain on them at first but still scam you at the end. 
Go to for some list of scam sites.

Happy Investing!

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