Tuesday, 10 November 2015


Hi everyone, here is my full review for the Game APP SAVETHEFATMAN

Last time that I post about this game app that gives bitcoin rewards now I create a full review of this fun and addicting game.

A contest still running as of this writing in this game. When you are one of the 10 who submitted 100,000 fatman coins you will get a reward of 0.1 Bitcoin.


If you like games like slicing and dicing same as Fruit Ninja this might become one of your favorite.

Save the Fatman by keeping him alive and running for as long as you can. Don’t let him eat too much. Don’t let him eat too little. Slice the food and see the calories. Collect the Fatman coins. The first ten to Submit 100,000 coins will win 0.1 Bitcoin.  Bonus coins each minute of play. There was also a flash button and touching it increases the game speed in 10 secs and have extra bonus of fatman coins.

*You will need a Coinbase wallet to receive the bitcoin reward. 
If still don't have >>sign-up here<<

Download the game here:

Amazon Store: Get it for Kindle Fire

Reward Adjustment:

When you reach 50,000 fatman coin they will send you the half of the prize of 0.05 BTC.

Payment Proofs:

I'm juzz222 here. ^_^

After I reach the 50,000 fatman coin I received my first half of the reward with an amount of 0.05 BTC see below screenshots last Nov. 2, 2015:

Lastly, I reach 100,000 fatman coin and I received the last half of the reward with an amount of 0.05 BTC this November 10, 2015. See screenshot below.

Hurry up! There are still 9 slots for the bitcoin winner as of this writing.

Don't forget to sign-up for a Coinbase bitcoin wallet to receive the reward. 
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Ice cream has the largest calorie point in the game. Only eat them when the calorie level was too low.

The more time you stay in the game the more fatman coins you will get. There was also an extra bonus for every 60 secs you stay.

Hope that they develop more games like this...

Enjoy! :)

credits to http://savethefatman.com

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