Sunday, 9 October 2016


US Government Debt Reaches All Time High, Bitcoin Offers Financial Protection

As the total debt of the US federal government surpassed it's all time high record with $19,659,460,647,160.83. Bitcoin is proving to be one of the very few alternatives for financial protection.

The US economy is found on an entirely debt-based monetary system, which is presumed to surpass $20 trillion in debt by 2017. The outstanding debt of the US federal government is covered by the Federal Reserve’s quantitative easing process, in which billions of Dollars are printed out to be distributed amongst top-tier commercial banks, corporations, and the Federal Reserve bank. 

Ethereum-based ICONOMI Raises over $10.5 Million in ICO

Ethereum-based investment fund platform, ICONOMI, has set a record by raising the 11th largest crowdsale in history through its Initial Coin Offering (ICO), which was completed last month.

In September, the Slovenian-based company announced that it had raised more than $8.9 million in operational capital and equity through an ICO, raising $3 million in the last three days. The first funds were presented at Ethereum’s Devcon2 last month in Shanghai.

However, this latest news from the company shows that it managed to raise $10,576,227 from nearly 4,000 investors worldwide. This makes it the 11th largest raise in crowdsale history for any category and takes third place as the largest FinTech crowdsale, behind The DAO and Ethereum. Investors can expect to receive their ICN tokens, which function as shares, on October 9.

Blockchain Healthcare 2016 Report Indicates Pitfalls, Hype, Security Problems

Though there's a lot of hype around Blockchain in healthcare, it presents more pitfalls than promises at this early stage.

Tokenized platforms such as Ethereum have an incentive to hype the technology to increase the value of the token, says a new report by Tieron, a company that claims to be the first to complete a Blockchain healthcare project in 2015 having been the first partner in Philips Blockchain Lab.

This is a part of the hype overload cited among the pitfalls presented by the Blockchain technology which Tierion’s Blockchain Healthcare 2016 Reports – Promise & Pitfalls says are more than its promises at this early stage. It adds that the hype around Blockchain has led to misinformation and misunderstanding.

Tierion, which turns the Blockchain into a global platform for verifying any data, file or business process, says the report was necessary to separate the hype from the reality and share “our perspective after a year of working with the world’s largest healthcare and insurance companies.”

It is said to provide a balanced perspective that addresses the opportunities and risks for the use of Blockchain technology in healthcare. Read More...