Tuesday, 11 October 2016


Bitcoin Price: Markets Still Set for Rally After Sustained Highs

The bitcoin price is approaching a trigger zone at $620 while bullish consensus gets stronger, suggesting that a big rally remains a real possibility in the near future.

Prices recognized a strong support area at $600, and while bullish consensus gets stronger on the idea of higher quotes, the action is going back to the old trend line channel started in 2013. This movement reinforces all technical objectives over $820 for the end of 2016.

Volume indicators reflect a professional marketplace activity, suggesting that the next stage could be a breakaway psychological trigger among $620 and $650. Read More...

Google and Mozilla Begin “Privacy Shaming” Users for Accepting Insecure Connections

Web browser giants Google and Mozilla have implemented practices encouraging users to take care of their online privacy and security in an ongoing shift towards data encryption.

Google has begun informing users of the security of websites they visit, warning them when a site does not use an HTTPS secure connection. This is intended to have the effect of “encryption shaming” users from risking their data integrity on unsecure sites.

Firefox, on their end, is stepping up measures to deal with insecure encrypted connections. The browser will block connections to HTTPS secure servers employing weak encryption. Firefox is establishing a minimum of 1023 bits for TLS handshakes using Diffie-Hellman keys, as a result of recent attacks on Diffie-Hellman keys. Read More...


Monero is an anonymous crypto-currency known for being preferred by dark net’s largest marketplaces, where drugs and illicit goods are sold. Darknet marketplaces were made popular by Ross Ulbricht’s Silk Road, which landed him a lifetime in prison.

The newest cryptocurrency craze preys upon modern privacy concerns. It cites how big banks, corporations, and governments keep tabs on everything in the marketing materials. This is very much similar to Bitcoin’s early marketing. Unlike Bitcoin, which has a 21 million market cap, Monero has none. It was forked from Bytecoin.

“There is no safe place to conduct private transactions,” a marketing video for the crypto-currency says. “Until now. Meet Monero. It’s private untraceable currency, only you control and are responsible for your funds.” Read More...