Monday, 2 January 2017



What has consistently performed better than the US dollar for 5 out of the last 6 years, and has big time investors from Apple, Visa, Microsoft, and Nasdaq investing millions? Bitcoin.  Yes, remember Bitcoin - it’s not the future, it is here.

Rich in potential and steeped in controversy, bitcoin is a radically new kind of money that operates without governments or banks. Already available and in limited use, bitcoin has recently become a hot topic thanks to intense value-fluctuations, political pressure and surging media attention.

And the value of each bitcoin has just reached $1000.

In response to these changes in the bitcoin landscape, the North American Bitcoin Conference (TNABC) intends to bring focus to the divergent bitcoin community that now includes enthusiasts, investors, speculators, businesses and politicians. To ensure hard-hitting outcomes, speakers will include Roger Ver, Charlie Shrem, Reggie Middleton, Jeff Garzik, and Marco Streng amongst others.

The industries’ leaders, government officials, CEO’s, VIPs and the public will gather in Miami on January 16 - 18, 2017 for the 5th annual North American Bitcoin Conference.  It is the world’s most attended bitcoin and blockchain conference increasing public knowledge on the latest technological innovations and everyday utility of the new industries that are changing the world. This past December marked a record high usage of daily transactions in bitcoin, and with an uncertain political and economic environment looming, this conference could not be more timely.

As part of its mission to grow bitcoin use, TNABC will also offer workshops targeted at merchants, and act as a forum for vendors, exhibitors, and recent bitcoin startups to share their latest innovations and inform discussions. In addition, regulators, banks and government officials will be on hand to lead panel discussions that are light on fluff and heavy on content.

Europe’s PSD2 Allows Third Parties to Offer Banking, Means Collapse of Traditional Finance

PSD2, which allows third-party companies to offer banking services to consumers, could eventually transform banking in 67 countries worldwide through a ripple effect.

Following the EU’s adoption of its revised Payment Services Directive (PSD2), an industry player has said it will cause “the collapse of the traditional banking infrastructure.”

PSD2, which allows third-party companies to offer banking services to consumers, could eventually transform banking in 67 countries worldwide through a ripple effect.

Speaking to South African tech publication Gadget, Thomas Pays, CEO of i-Pay, a startup set to benefit from the legislation, said 2017 would be a watershed moment.

“You are actually looking at the collapse of the traditional banking infrastructure and a rebirth of banking as we know it,” he stated.



Bitcoin’s amazing rise continues to break records, setting an all-time high market cap and reaching for the highest price since 2013. However, this familiar bull-run is different from the one experienced 3 years ago. Here’s why…


One of the most basic and well-known premises of technical analysis trading is that history tends to repeat itself or as Sir John Templeton said: “The four most dangerous words in investing are: ‘this time, it’s different.’”

With this in mind, anyone can get a bit skeptical when considering the latest Bitcoin rally and how it compares to the one in late 2013. However, when taking into account the several factors that have pushed the price of Bitcoin to incredible heights on both occasions: perhaps one can now say that indeed, “this time, it’s different.”


Colombia Declares Bitcoin and Other Digital Currencies Illegal

An article published by Colombian publication PanAm Post suggests bitcoin, and digital currencies in general, are now illegal in Colombia, claiming the administrator of regulatory body announced the news recently.

The news comes after the Superintendencia de Sociedades, an organization associated with the Colombian Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism, announced digital currencies, including bitcoin, were prohibited in Colombia and assured the only valid currency is the peso.

The article states the announcement was made by Francisco Reyes Villamizar, head of the Superintendencia, after what is known as “investment clubs” gained popularity. In these, members convince others to join the club and invest their money with the promise of doubling their money within two months. In the article, it is, however, unclear how all of this relates to bitcoin.

Francisco Reyes Villamizar also assured Colombians the only entity allowed to issue money in the country is the Banco de la RepĂșblica, the country’s central bank. The bank, reportedly, has repeatedly said the only valid currency in the territory is the one they issue.


Italy Suspends Onecoin’s Activities Declaring Them a Pyramid Scam

The antitrust authority in Italy, AutoritĂ  Garante della Concorrenza e del Mercato - or the Italian Competition Authority - has announced that it has adopted an interim injunction against the activities of One Network Services Ltd., the company which has been promoting OneCoin in Italy.

This follows an investigation launched to assess the system designed and operated by One Network Services Ltd. and its representatives in Italy to promote a program for OneCoin which they claim involves the purchasing of training packages “which should enable consumers to achieve significant economic returns, for example with an investment of 140 euros promises a return 2800 euros in two years.”


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